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NaMo in Siliguri. What he delivered.

"Aap bhi chaiwale ho aur mein bhi chaiwala hu" - Modi in Siliguri

Amongst high voltage chants of NaMo and Modi when Narendra Modi came on stage of Siliguri's Panchakulsguri  it was a clear sign of arrival of BJP into West Bengal. A crowd which North Bengal had never seen for any politician before welcomed Modi in the warmest ways.
Modi and S.S. Ahlwalia in Siliguri
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BJP which won only one seat in WB in 2009 and plans to do better this time got its candidate of the top post to come to Bengal for the second time in this election season. On February 5th this year he held a rally in the historic Brigade Parade Ground and addressed a gathering of around 200000 supporters.

However, unlike his previous address in Kolkata where he avoided attacking Mamata Banerjee and hoped to rope in TMC into NDA, he was full out against the state government this time amidst slogans of #ModiSarkar.

He said that development here can be done by two "T"- Tea and Tourism. 

Here is what he delivered (especially in reference to local issues)

1. Gorkhaland

Modi came fully in supprot of the Gorkha community. He told that the people of the Gorkha Private Service are the most honest and brave people and it is because of them that people in all corner of this nation sleep peacefully. He promised for the development of the Gorkha people and told that their dreams are his. With reference to forming a separate scheme for development of the people of the Himalayan region (as also mentioned in the BJP manifesto) he also gave a hope of development. He however, refrained from making a clear cut statement on Gorkhaland. But advocated development of West Bengal by creating smaller states. 
Bimal Gurung with Modi in Siliguri
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2. Tea Industry
With special reference to Darjeeling tea being, he attacked the government that they took the glamour out of it. He said that had these governments helped to setup small packaging industries to facilitate tea packaging the tea would not have lost luster in the world market. Talking about himself he responded that it is tea which has created him and he will see that this industry will flourish.

3. Bangladeshi Immigrants

This issue which none of the party raise in this part of the country of fear of loosing vote bank was taken up by him and very diplomatically tackled. He first accused them of taking up posts and using government resources. But then he told that they are returning home so need to be rehabilitated and it is not just the responsibility of Bengal to rehabilitate them. It is the responsibility of the whole country to do it and shud be placed throughout the country with planning.

Again, as per the BJP manifesto that they will support distraught Hindus in other country he reached out especially to Namasudra who returned from Bangladesh. He told that “Aap bhi Namo ho aur mein bhi Namo hu” (Even you are Namo and even I am Namo)

4. Naxalbari

Modi told the mases here that the birthplace of the naxal movememt (Naxalbari) got nothing out of it. The movement has finished but naxalbari still remains in poverty. He told here that he himself will see to tue development of the area if votes to the top position.

5. Attacked the State Government

He accused the state government that there has been no “Poriboton”. The TMC is just a changed name of Congress and it has the same DNA. Like its parent party it is involved in vote bank politics and not looking to the development of the people.  Instead of competing in development, creation of jobs and health care sector it is indulged in vote bank politics. He also attacked the TMC govt on the issue of Chit Fund sayimg that they robbed the poor of their money.

The crowd in Siliguri responded with positively with slogans of Namo and AbkiBaarModiSarkar, at times even interfering his speech. At times he asked the crowd for response and every time they did.

He asked : Dilli mein aapko kaisi sarkar chahiye?
Crowd: NaMo Sarkar
Modi: Kaisi Sarkar
Crowd: NaMo Sarkar
Modi: Kiski Nahi Kaisi Sarkar
Crowd: NaMo Sarkar

Note: The views here are personal. If you have any differences dialogue is the best way. He also talked about the central government but that part has been intentionally omitted as it does not related to Bengal politics.

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